Facebook Vid Packages
Description Up to 60 seconds or 150 words of professional voiceover talent. Up to 180 seconds or 450 words of professional voiceover talent. Up to 360 seconds or 900 words of professional voiceover talent.
Male voice (US accent) Free Free Free
Video effects Included Included Included
Revisions 1 3 5
Delivery time 8 days 10 days 12 days
Facebook Vid Extras
Script writing +$50 +$60 +$70
Male voice (except US) +$20 +$30 +40
Female voice (any accent) +$20 +$30 +40
Background music +$10 Free Free
Video compression +$10 +$15 +$20
Select $45 Select $85 Select $165

What are facebook videos and why use them?

There are more than 950 MILLION active Facebook users, and at least 50% of them log onto the site on any given day. Your Facebook cover videos and other video ads offer an opportunity to give prospects the best first impression of your business.

Additional Info:

What will you provide us with?
* A script (required with every order) with words according to your package choice
(up to 150words / up to 450words / up to 900words)

What Tutorials will we not do?
* Those requiring the installation of Windows software
* Tutorials on Android phones (IOS is fine)

Why choose Videos instead of Text & Images?
* 92% of purchases are influenced by visuals
* 4 times more consumers prefer to watch a video than images & text
* Videos are up to 12 times more likely to convert

Vid Includes:
* 100% HD (1920x1080p)
* Professional Male voiceover talent
* New Super-wide screen capture

Vid Extras:
* Female voice * Royalty-free music * Video compression (by up to 81%) without losing quality

Frequently Asked Questions: